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Our Process

Six steps to your success

  1. Information Gathering & Analysis

    CODECRATER begins each project by consulting with the client either in person or over the phone. We talk with you to learn the ins and outs of your business and to better understand your goals. Topics of discussion include content, graphics, colors, themes, and hosting. The end result is a full understanding of what you as a business are trying to achieve, and what we are able to offer you.

  2. Site Definition & Strategy

    We organize your content into a user friendly and SEO optimized sitemap. Each page is structured to offer an exceptional user experience. The information of your website is laid out in a way that has a natural flow and is easy to understand. A strategy is put in place to ensure the goal of your website is achieved and in an effective and efficient way.

  3. Design / Development

    After determining a final color scheme, layout, and user flow, we implement all of these into a design. We can work closely with you to produce wireframes and mockups, or you can leave it up to us to take what we’ve learned and apply it. The strategy and sitemap is used to construct a working mockup and preliminary website design. Any custom theme or plugin development will also be done at this stage and will be included in the working mockup.

  4. Testing & Final Touches

    At this point, the website is almost complete. A preliminary product has been completed, and it is ready to be tested. All of the features and custom development will be tested across many different browsers and environments. Bugs will be caught and worked out. The design will be getting finalized and we will be accepting feedback. Any remaining content is getting added and proofed. If you are not particularly fond of something, we can talk about it, suggest solutions, or discuss why we chose to do certain things. This is the last step before the website is launched.

  5. Site Launch

    With testing and final touches complete, the countdown clock reaches zero – time for launch. This process involves switching over your old website to your brand new one, and re-testing your website in the live internet environment. Once a successful launch is confirmed, we will follow up with you for the information handover.

  6. Post Launch

    It is our goal to ensure that we contribute value to your business so that you can push the boundaries of success. After your new website is launched, and everything is functioning as it should be, some work is still required to keep your website in optimal shape. CODECRATER offers many post-launch services to ensure you get the most out your new site. To keep your website like new, we recommend regularly scheduled monthly maintenance that keeps server software up-to-date, scanning for viruses, performance is optimized, and backups are created. CODECRATER can also boost your brand by improving traffic, rankings, online presence, and frequently adding new content.

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